Conte: A short story or novella, or a medieval narrative tale. from Old French conter, to relate, recount


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Professional Sales
Finding the Words
Shadowed Realms (Issue 11)
Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007

Winner of the Australian Horror Writers Association's 2006 Flash Fiction competition

Listed in the 2006 Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy Recommended Reading List

Flash Fiction Easily the most powerful piece in issue 11 of Shadowed Realms. While technically horror, it’s a touching story of a man laying his daughter to rest. Cavanagh’s style is fluid and uses sense imagery to ground the reader in reality. It’s touching and it's tender and it's heartfelt, something I’m not used to seeing in horror.

a great story that really rounds out #11 well, and is a worthy winner of the 2006 AHWA Flash Fiction competition...a tale of parent-child tragedy, a topic that almost approaches taboo status to some authors and readers.
Mr.Cavanagh handles the subject deftly and with the greatest of sensitivity. This isn't really a scary story, just a very emotional and heart breaking one where we hear and feel every gust of wind, every rattle of a branch, every flutter of the narrators heart and, in the end, I shed his tears too.


Steven Cavanagh paints a heart-breaking portrait of a father’s loss
-Dark Scribe Magazine

I don’t recall having read anything by author Steven Cavanagh before, but I shall certainly be searching out his work in future. This story is an absolute gem.
-Chuck McKenzie

Finding the Words is a very innovative tale which explores the emotional power of loss (specifically the death of a child) under the guide of a horror tale. It is a superb and creative use of a genre tale to explore personal emotional pain.
-Robert Black

Moving Dad
Shadowed Realms (Issue 6)
Book of Shadows Volume 1

Second Prize winner for the Australian Horror Writers Association's 2005 Flash Fiction competition

Listed in the 2005 Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy Recommended Reading List

Flash Fiction Moving Dad presents a clever parody of life after death. This story was highly original… Moving Dad has strong central characters that express real emotions, and we are able to feel for them because they are so lifelike.
Shadowed Realms.

Steven Cavanagh’s “Moving Dad” was another favorite of mine... Using a magic-realism style, Cavanagh manages to capture a strange sense of grief and remorse, and it transfers through to the reader.

Cavanagh writes in a deliberately matter-of-fact style regarding a situation that is anything but and this, for me, is one of the highlights of the story

Beginning with whimsical familiarity, moving to poignancy. A lovely slow reveal, blurring the line between the infirmity of advanced age, and the shambling corruption of undeath. An exploration of a universal horror – the realisation of the mortality of the father – I won’t spoil the ending, but Cavanagh kicks off beautifully into an even deeper horror in the last line. Fantastic dialogue in this one too.
-Australian Specfic In Focus
Semi-Professional (Paid) Sales
By the Numbers
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Infinitas, August 2006 Flash Fiction
Cream of the Cop Daikaiju! 3, Agog! Press
Short Fiction  
Elf Esteem
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Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #13

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Best of Fantasy

Short Fiction Steven Cavanagh is one of those new names I expect to see appearing a lot more in print. His "Elf Esteem" is a delightfully written quest tale with quite a twist. There are elves, orcs, and dragons in this story of someone trying to retrieve an important artifact, but not quite the way one expects to see them. Especially from the point-of-view of . . . no, I won't even give that much away. But the end has quite a kick!

A promising first sale
Girl Power
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Sorcerous Signals
Short Fiction  
One for the Robed
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Infinitas, March 2005 Flash Fiction
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Infinitas May 2005

Highly Commended
in the NSW Writers Centre's 2005 flash fiction competition
Flash Fiction
Save Galaxy Fast!
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Outcast anthology, 2006 by CSFG Publishing

Watch the Trailer!
Short Fiction ...a cute (re)invention of Leet speak.
Street Smarts
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Undead 3, Permuted Press
Short Fiction good thought for detail and a sensation of realism to it.
-Flames Rising

Starting [the anthology] off on a good foot. Keen-esque.

The book starts off strong with “Street Smarts”.

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Infinitas April 2006

First Prize in the NSW Writers Centre's 2006 flash fiction competition
Flash Fiction Gorgeous. Very clever.
-Gillian Pollack

World of Hurt
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ZineWest, June 2007

Third Prize winner in the annual ZineWest Awards

Flash Fiction A rivetting piece of flash fiction.
-Sue Crawford

It's a well structured narrative with some original humour and is sharply written, especially towards the end.
-Prof Jane Goodall
Domestic Black Box, Brimstone Press
Micro Fiction  
On the Ocean Wave
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Shadow Box horror anthology. Brimstone Press, 2005
Micro Fiction Cavanagh masterfully paints the villain/protagonist and his motivations in this story.  A freighter on a tight schedule intersects with a human tragedy.  What do you do when your job is on the line?  The scary thing is the truth of this tale, and the certainty that this travesty has probably happened before.

Solid Horror
-Australian Specfic In Focus
Spin Doctor
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AntipodeanSF, March 2006 Flash Fiction ...a charming little story with an interesting premise.See if you can read this and not smile next time you go to do your laundry.

Well written, it left me smiling with a heavy heart.
-Australian Specfic In Focus